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The weirdness of the iPhone 6 Plus resolution and how to work around it


I don’t intend to go in-depth about the funkiness of the subject, so I recommend reading these 3 links to get the full picture.

In short, the iPhone 6 Plus is this kind of faux 3x. So your Photoshop canvas should be set to 1242✕2208 but the device will downsize it to 1080✕1920, which in a 2x world would look like the equivalent of 828✕1472. #brainboom

That’s because of the higher PPI (pixels per inch):

  • A 1x, 10px tal element renders as 1.5mm on 163 PPI
  • A 2x, 20px tall element renders as 1.5mm on 326 PPI
  • A 3x, 30px tall element also renders as 1.5mm on 401 PPI

Here’s a visual representation that hopefully explains what’s going on.


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